Upholstery Cleaning

Good upholstery can improve the look of just about any kind of furniture, but only so long as it’s clean. When doing upholstery cleaning, however, you need to make sure to be very thorough. Not only that, but you have to avoid damaging the fabrics.

At Intermountain Carpet Cleaning in Fall River Mills, CA, carpet cleaning isn't the only thing we specialize in. Our upholstery cleaning company has become a customer favorite. We have restored and brought life back to hundreds of our customers favorite pieces of furniture.

Our special upholstery cleaning tool will make a HUGE difference in the appearance of your favorite seat in the house. We will give you that fresh-smelling clean that you can cuddle up and get comfortable on. So call Intermountain Carpet Cleaning in Fall River Mills, CA today for quality cleaning and stain removal services.


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